My name is Rob Bullen, I’m from Sydney Australia, and I’m interested in many things including acoustics, music and the interaction between both of those things and computing. (Here is my web site for that work.)

I also lead community choirs.

And I write short fiction, generally at the length of short stories or shorter. This site is my outlet for that work.

Some stories come from small pieces of my experience, pieced together. Some come from completely imaginary places. None of my stories is published in the normal way, which is fine by me. My intention is that you can come to this site, browse and even download any stories you’re interested in. You are free to copy and distribute downloaded files for non-commercial purposes, but not to change them in any way or to present them without acknowledging my authorship. To use any material for commercial purposes, please contact me using the “Leave a Reply” form below.

In fact if you’d like to contact me for any reason at all, you can use the form below. Thanks for your interest.

You can view my privacy policy here.

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